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Build internal tools for your team without code
Easily create internal tools in minutes that perfectly fit your workflows without writing a line of code.
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30% off on any plan

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal is only available if you are a new customer or a customer on a free plan of the tool.

All our deals are negotiated by our team to give you the best discount and are updated regularly.
This deal is only available if you are a new customer or a customer on a free plan of the tool.
This deal is available to both new and existing customers.
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march 2024 -

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Benefit from a discount of -30% on plan on any plan proposed by Noloco.

Save -30% on plan on any offer at Noloco thanks to our exclusive partnership.

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Software information 


A complete set of building blocks:

  • Collections: Choose the layout that works best for your data
    We support all the following collection display options out of the box. You simply have to choose which one works best for your data.
  • Forms: Ready-made forms to collect the data you need
    For each of your data collections, Noloco automatically creates forms where you can add new records. Configure your form display and add powerful logic in minutes. Use public forms to collect data from those outside your team.
  • Charts: Visualise your data with charts
    Stay on top of your data and ensure your team are tracking what matters most.
    Create dashboards in minutes and choose from a wide range of display options including:
  • Comments: Easy collaboration with built-in comments
    Record comments enable your team to communicate in context on any record in your Noloco app, regardless of data source. Mention specific users to notify them by email when something requires their attention.
  • Actions: Complete tasks quicker with action buttons
    Add action buttons to record pages and collection views to reduce your team's manual workload.
  • Workflows: Save your team hours with workflows
    Use workflows to trigger the sending of automated emails or webhooks to integrate with third party services like Zapier or Make. Add conditional logic so that workflows only run when certain conditions are met - like when a field gets updated to a particular value.

App Builder:

Once you connect your data source like Airtable, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Google Sheets, Noloco instantly builds an app for you that enables your team to easily view, update and add new data. From there, you can easily customise your app with our drag and drop editor without writing a line of code.

No-Code first approach:

Noloco is the first no-code builder designed from the ground up for non-developers. Free up your engineering resources and move faster by enabling your Operations, Growth & Support teams to build the tools they need on their own.

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