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Analytics and Automation platform.
Get the most from your Marketing data with Machine Learning predictive forecasts of your KPIs and run automated Anomaly detection across your data.
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Garantie de satisfaction : 
Tous nos les deals sont négociés avec chaque partenaire par notre équipe et sont mis à jour régulièrement.
💡Nouveaux clients seulement : 
Ce deal n'est disponible que si vous êtes un nouveau client ou client sur un plan gratuit de l'outil.

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Unify your marketing data and management
Bring your channels and teams together to track performance, automate tasks and generate insights

Anomaly Detection
Don’t let anomalies slip under your radar
When something looks odd in your data, you will know about it straight away. Utilising our Machine Learning algorithm, with configurable sensitivity settings, you will be notified by slack or email about any unusual events.
Monitor the metrics you care about and control the thresholds to avoid alert fatigue or under alerting.

Task Automation
Automate your tasks and get your time back
Work smarter with a collection of automation jobs that free you from repetitive tasks and create actionable Insights.
Scale your efforts across Clients and showcase value with automatic report building of Insights and your teams commentary.

KPI Management
Set targets and track progress with forecasts
Set KPI’s for yourself or clients across platforms and view them all in one place. Custom Slack and Email notifications help keep your team up to date on progress.
Take a proactive approach to meeting your goals with Machine Learning predictions that allow you to act before failing to meet expectations.

Ad Spend Tracking
Prevent over or under spends on campaigns
Easily track client budgets with dynamic Campaign level granularity and cater for roll over. With monthly and custom date periods you can ditch the spreadsheet.
Schedule alerts through Slack and Email to ensure that everything is performing as expected.

Agency Portfolio
Client summary and health reporting
Having a successful Agency with lots of clients is a good problem to have, but keeping track of it all can be difficult. Jepto is built to scale and provides you with a range of ways to view your portfolio's health and monitor your Agency operations.

Data Warehouse
No-code data pipelines to centralise your data
Store your data for better reporting and analysis. We handle the whole data engineering process so you can focus on reporting and creating value through insights.

Work with the tools you already use
Connectivity is at the heart of Jepto and we integrate with Slack, Zapier and Data Studio.
Create customized workflows and conversations that extend beyond what is possible with any single tool alone.

Jepto helps you achieve more by automating data analysis and website monitoring, so you know exactly where to spend your time and focus on what matters.

- Monitor websites and keyword rankings for changes that create actionable insights
- Track Ad spend across platforms, generate predictions on your KPIs and monitor for anomalies

- Get your time back by automating tasks and focusing only on what needs your attention
- Easily manage priorities and Clients without having to drill down into the details

- Keep an eye on growth, marketing and sales, whilst collaborating together and improving efficiency of effort
- Centralise your business efforts across every channel and automate at any scale for reliability and repeatability

Your digital marketing assistant that never sleeps
Jepto connects to your Marketing stack and allows you to automate tasks and monitor your data to provide actionable Insights

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Automation
  • KPI Management
  • Budget Tracking
  • Agency Portfolio
  • Data Warehouse

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